The active partner, who makes it easy for the customer to serve overseas markets.

Relation-Shipping Ltd.

We are an international group founded in 1959.

Our group of companies are:

DanShip Ltd.

Our business areas are freight forwarding and liner agency.

International network

Through the ULA network we cover:

Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Polen, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, UK, Ukraine.

Supermarket or boutique

Many transportation buyers have to make a choice between shipping conglomerates, which depend on volume, and smaller, specialized logistics companies, where flexibility and personal service are the foundation.

At Relation-Shipping we are absolutely more of a boutique than a one-size-fits-all supermarket in both our freight forwarding and our liner businesses.

Head office

Relation-Shipping Ltd.
Saralyst Alle 40

DK-8270 Hojbjerg

T: +45 87 31 49 00
F: +45 87 31 49 01